The Art of being a Gentleman

Chivalry seems to be dead today and being a Gentleman can sometimes appear not to fit into today’s ideals. Trends come and go and while many customs are outdated, the core values of a true gentleman are values we need to cultivate and uphold. Showing people respect, appreciation and chivalry without patronising them will always be appreciated.

 In his book Norwegian wood, Haruki Murakami defines a gentleman as someone who does not what he wants to do, but what he should do and this is something we should have at the back of our minds.

 Without further ado, here’s a list of 20 things that we believe turns a man into a true gentleman:

 A Gentleman is polite

 This is common sense, we don’t need to be reminded of this, oh yes we do. I’ve met many men who bump into you and keep walking, who do not say thank you when helped, hence this being number 1 on our list. A true gentleman says please, sorry, excuse me, thank you etc.

 A Gentleman is always presentable

 No matter the occasion, a gentleman pays attention to his appearance. A gentleman should always look and smell good. This also includes taking care of your physical fitness.

 A Gentleman always offers to pay

 Now this one is one of those ones that seem to be dying today. A true gentleman offers to pay while out with a lady.

 A Gentleman is dependable

 A true gentleman is loyal, trustworthy and reliable. A Gentleman is always punctual.

 A Gentleman is open minded but firm in his beliefs.

 A gentleman always keeps an open mind while standing firm in what he believes. Being open minded means you are willing to change views when proven to be wrong.

 A Gentleman has a firm handshake

 When meeting someone or saying goodbye, a gentleman gives a firm handshake and makes eye contact.

 A Gentleman offers his seat

 Under no circumstance should a gentleman sit down while an elderly person, a pregnant lady and dare I say a lady stands. It is common courtesy.

 A Gentleman opens and holds the door

 Another one that’s commons courtesy, no matter how much of a hurry  he is in, a true gentleman opens and holds the door for others.

 A Gentleman walks a woman home

 There’s no better way of showing her you care for her than making sure she is home safe and sound.

 A Gentleman knows how to cook

 Now I’m not asking you to be a top chef but a true gentleman knows his way around the kitchen and cooks for friends, family and his lady every now and again.

 A Gentleman knows how to hold a conversation

 A gentleman is interesting to listen to and is also a good listener. While in a conversation, a true gentleman shows genuine interest and pays proper attention.

 A Gentleman is humble

 A Gentleman knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. While confidence is a trait a gentleman should possess a gentleman should never let himself become arrogant.

 A Gentleman encourages others

 A gentleman seeks to lift people up and encourage people. That means never being jealous and being genuinely happy for others when they achieve something. He also compliments others.

 A Gentleman knows how to handle his liqueur

 Being a bit under the influence of alcohol is fine, in some cases it brings out a certain charm but a gentleman should never drink to a point where he makes a fool of himself.

 A Gentle man takes responsibility for his errors

 A gentleman does not blame others for his errors, he takes full responsibility. This also means a gentleman admits when he is wrong and apologises. Having said that, a gentleman is never too hard on himself.

 A Gentleman always seeks knowledge

 A gentleman never thinks he knows it all, he strives to learn more, reads books and keeps himself informed.

 A Gentleman has a good sense of humour

 A gentleman knows how to make people laugh and while not making a fool of himself, is not afraid to do this at his expense.

A Gentleman helps others

 A Gentleman is always willing to help others and where possible goes out of his way to help others. A gentleman also does this without expecting anything in return.

 A Gentleman means what he says and says what he means

 A gentleman never beats about the bush; he makes his point clearly. He never gives people a reason to read between the lines. Of course, sarcasm every now and again is acceptable and encouraged, it shows wits.

 A Gentleman always RSVPs

 When invited to an event, a gentleman always responds even if it is to say he can’t make it. It is simple courtesy.