14 Skills every Gentleman should master


Old school as it might sound, part of being a man is being competent and effective in the real world. You should be that person people go to when they need to sort certain things out. For that to be possible you need to have certain skills.

 Early men had a very narrow skill-set. The skill-set needed then revolved around hunting and gathering food.

 The modern man needs to have a wider skill-set, we have to be both a warrior and a diplomat as well as a handyman and a scholar.

 Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the skills today’s gentleman needs to have.

 Tie a necktie and bowtie

 A gentleman should never resort to wearing pre-tied ties. Knotting a tie is not as difficult as most people think it is. Learn to knot both the necktie and bowtie.

 Grill with Charcoal

 Electric and gas grills are convenient but they take away the essence of grilling. Charcoal has been used for ages and unlike gas and electric where you just push a button, requires more dexterity. On the plus side, grilling with charcoal allows for a better tasting end product.

 Performing CPR

 Some emergencies are far too urgent to wait for the paramedics after calling 112. One of such emergencies is a heart attack. Far too many people die following heart attacks as immediate CPR wasn’t administered. CPR is very basic and simple, get yourself a basic CPR lesson, you don’t know whose life you will be saving.

 Split Firewood

 This is a cold country, the winters are long. If you live in a house, chances are you have a fireplace. In most cases, you will need to split the firewood to start a fire. A man should know how to both split the firewood and start the fire. Splitting firewood means you get warmed twice; when you’re splitting the wood and when you finally start the fire. It is also a good form of exercise.

 Change a diaper

 Many of us will end up being dads, uncles and Godfathers. Paying attention and taking care of the kids in your life is manly.  Every now and again, it will be your turn to change the diapers and you should know exactly what to do when you have to change one.

 Hold a Conversation

 No matter what situation a gentleman finds himself in, a gent should know how to hold a conversation. It could be at a party, out and about or in a business networking situation. You should never be in that situation where it all goes quiet and awkward because no one knows what to say. As a gentleman, you step in and converse. There are of course exceptions to this and again as a gentleman, you should know how to tell the difference. Being able to hold a conversation means you let others speak too.


 While you don’t have to be an amazing chef, you should know how to cook a decent meal. You should be able to invite your mates over for dinner and impress them with a well cooked dinner. In your daily life, being able to cook means you will eat healthier. If you have a partner, your partner will appreciate you taking care of dinner too.

 Assembling furniture

 Assembling furniture bought in parts is very basic. Under no circumstance should you be calling your other mate or your dad to help you, unless it is due to it being too heavy or too time consuming.

 Iron a shirt

 Part of being presentable is wearing a well ironed shirt. As a gentleman, you really should know how to properly iron your shirts. If for some reason, you don’t know how to iron a shirt or clothes, ask someone to teach you.

 Dress right for the occasion

 A gentleman should know how to dress for different occasions. There are various ways to dress smart and stylish regardless of what you wear and wearing the wrong outfit to an occasion is not a good look.


 Your surroundings should clean and organised at all times. Knowing how to clean properly ensures this. A gentleman’s flat or house should always be in a condition to host guests. Living in clean conditions also benefits you personally.

 Polish and Shine Shoes

 Your shoes are a major part of your outfit. In fact, your shoes are what people notice first. As a gentleman of style, your shoes should always be well polished. Polishing shoes is one of the manliest things to do and you really should know your way around this. Your missus will appreciate you giving her shoes some care from time to time as well.

 Change Tyres

 If you live in Sweden, you would need to change tyres twice a year. While there are companies that offer tyre-changing services, you should be able to do this yourself. If for some reason you get stuck with a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere, you should be able to change your tyre in no time and be out of there.

 Create a fitness plan

 Your health and fitness should be taken seriously. You need to know what to do in the gym and how to train effectively. Sure you can always ask people around you in the gym what to do but as much as possible, be that guy people ask.