ERINGTON is a men's made-to-measure clothing company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are passionate about men’s style and this is reflected in everything we do. Our mission is to play a major role in styling the modern gentleman by offering well-made, affordable products of the highest quality.
Our Vision
We believe that the days of fast fashion are numbered, we want to help gentlemen return to the belief that style trumps fashion. We want to create garments that are timeless. We want Erington garments and accessories to last you a lifetime and if possible get passed down.
We don’t want our clients to be the loudest in the room, we want them to have a subtle elegance and this is evident in how our garments are made.
Our Inspiration
The 1940s is in our opinion, one of the most stylish decades and we are pleased to see the recent resurgence in the 1940s style. This style is shown through all of our clothing. Wide peak lapels, well-tapered garments,  and other classic details men wore in the 40s.
Simply put, garments made to be timeless. 
Our Shirts
 Our made-to-measure shirts, while made by some of the best tailors in Portugal are inspired by the British and Italian style scene, the result of which is shirts that are of impeccable quality. Getting an Erington shirt is getting a shirt that has been made just for you and truly fits you.
Our Suits
We believe in a personal touch and work hand-in-hand with customers through a personal consultation. We start by meeting you to discuss, take your measurements, look at how your body is built as well as going through our fabrics with you. We help you choose fabrics that suit you and can also help you decide what customisations suit you.
Our Accessories
 In addition to our Made-To-Measure services, we offer accessories made with the discerning gentleman in mind. We handpick our accessories to make sure we only provide products that fit the standard we have set for Erington. 
Erington AB