Style Tips for Men Part 2




Wear Perfume

Smelling nice makes you more attractive as well as more presentable. Invest in a very good perfume and wear daily. You should actually find your scent and stick to it. A nice Eau de toilette perfume will suffice but why not take it up a notch and get a lovely Eau de parfum perfume.

Try wearing long overcoats

I know, your Parka jackets are very warm but if you wear suits in the winter, you really should be wearing long overcoats. It works for James Bond; it will work for you.

Wear Shirts with French Cuffs

Wear predominantly shirts with French cuffs and cufflinks. They are more stylish and more manly. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have shirts with buttoned cuffs, just wear the French cuffs more.

Wear Scarfs

In addition to keeping you warm, scarfs are lovely style accessories.

Wear Polo Necks

Polo necks are a must have in your closet. They look great with just a pair of trousers as well as with a suit. Try a Polo neck with a double breasted suit next time you go out in the autumn or winter.

Bow Ties

You are not a child, you should never, I repeat, never wear a pre-tied bow tie. Learn to tie a bow tie. Once the evening is over, untie the bow tie and see the reactions.

Take care your skin

Men’s skin care products are aplenty, take good care of your skin, exfoliate, use face masks and moisturise. It is a manly thing to do.

Jacket Buttons

Leave the bottom button unbuttoned. Unbutton all buttons when you sit down and button up when you stand up.

Keep yourself well- groomed

Get regular hair-cuts, shave or trim your beard regularly, trim your nails, take care of your oral hygiene. 

Grow a beard

As long as it is well groomed, you should grow a beard if your genetics let you. This also means you shouldn’t shave off your beard for anyone. There is a saying that “a man who shaves his beard for a woman deserves neither”.