Style Tips for Men Part 1

Get every piece of clothing adjusted

I don’t literarily mean everything but unless they are custom made for you, you should get a tailor to adjust your shirts, Jackets, blazers, trousers and coats.

Throw out or give away stuff you haven’t worn in a year

While you may have the urge to hold on to clothes in your closet for various reasons, clothes you haven’t worn in a year just take up unnecessary space. Get rid of them and get stylish stuff you actually wear. Exceptions to this are seasonal piece of clothing.

Get made-to-measure or bespoke suits and shirts

You should preferably buy bespoke suits and shirts in person but if that is not possible, you should get made-to-measure suits and shirts. They cost substantially more than Ready-to-wear clothing but are of higher quality, made specifically for you and would usually last longer than Ready-to-wear clothing.

Wear a pocket square

If you’ve made the effort to wear a suit, make an extra effort and wear a pocket square. Note, you should not match your pocket square to your tie.

Belt or Suspenders – Pick one

This should be pretty obvious but I see men wearing both often. Belts and suspenders should never be worn together.

Black and Brown

See a pair of shoes you like, get them in black and brown, if you can afford them.

Invest in nice wristwatches

Wristwatches do not have to be expensive, there are numerous decently priced wristwatches out there. You really should not be checking the time on your mobile, in a meeting you come off rude. You could check the time on your wristwatch more discreetly than you can on a mobile.

Accessories should always match

Your watch strap, belt and shoes should always match i.e. all brown or all black. Your belt buckle, cufflinks or watch should match i.e. all silver or all gold.

Invest in a nice leather bag

Do away with the sport back packs and get leather bags in black and brown. Your bag should also match your accessories and shoes.

Shoe Care

Take care of your shoes. As a man of style, you’ve probably invested a fair bit in quality shoes, so take good care of them. Condition, polish and shine them regularly.