Ordering guide for shirts

Time to order your first shirt? We recognise that it might feel overwhelming when you order for the first time from us. We have created this guide to help you along the way. If you still feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact us over the phone or on email. We would love to help you!

Step 1 - Choose your fabric

Most likely you have come to this guide after you have already completed this step and chosen your favorite fabric/fabrics. If not, choose your fabric here.


Step 2 - Create your design

After you have chosen your fabric it is time to create your design. This is where you can really create a unique shirt only for you!

Step 2.1

The first step is to choose what type of collar you want. Do you not know what type of collar you should use in what type of occasion? Check our collar guide here (add link to a editorial page).



Step 2.2

Next step is to choose if you want a stitching around the collar. The stitching is used in (a certain type of occasion).

Collars with a stitching look like this: (add picture)

Collars without a stitching look like this: (add picture)

Step 2.3

Do you want a collar pin? The collar pin is an exclusive option for a men's shirt. We at Erington personally love this option but if you are looking for a more casual shirt you should buy a shirt without this collar pin.

With a pin: (add picture)

Without a pin: (add picture)

Step 2.4

Time to choose sleeves. Would you like your shirt with long or short sleeves? If you are looking for a short sleeve shirt you can get them with a stitching or a turn-up at the end, choose your favorite style!

Step 2.5

If you have chosen a long sleeve shirt it is time to choose what type of cuffs that you want. The cuffs play a big role in the design of your shirt, we at Erington love the french cuff but it does not work as well in the more casual occasions. Choose your style!

(Add larger pictures here)

Step 2.6

Placket. What type of placket would you like? The most common option on shirts these days is "with placket" but why not choose another style to differentiate your shirt?

(Add larger picture here)

Step 2.7

Shirt back. How should the back of your shirt look? The most common option is a plain shirt (No pleats) but choose the style that you like!

(add picture of real shirts here)

Step 2.8

Time to choose your pockets. 

No pockets: Most common on more formal shirts used with a jacket of some kind.

With pockets: Most common on more casual shirts. Then it is just a matter of taste, if you want two or one pocket and on which side you want the pockets.

Step 2.9

Last design option. Would you like to make your shirt even more unique? Add a personal monogram, maybe your initials or your name, somewhere on the shirt. It is a great option to create a unique shirt that will certainly add another level to your style.


Step 3 - Enter your measurements

Time to enter your measurements. Follow these video guides to easily take your own measurements. If you still feel uncertain do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you with this and can even book an appointment where we take your measurements for you! If you are in another country or a city far away we can book an appointment at a tailor nearby that will take your measurements (We will cover the cost!)

Chest measurement - (add video link and text description)

Shoulder Width - (add video link and text description)

Shirt Length - 

Neck - 

Waist - 

Hip - 

Sleeve Length - 

Biceps - 

Wrists -