Personal Shopping in Stockholm

Working with a professional personal stylist revolutionizes the way you shop, leaving you with a wardrobe full of clothes that make you look great for any occasion. My role as a personal stylist and shopper is to eliminate all stress and help you rediscover and enhance your style.

Each personal shopping trip is specifically tailored for each client using my experience and extensive knowledge of brands and locations gained both as a stylist and a designer in the fashion industry. We ensure that the stores we visit are suitable for both your style and budget.

During the personal shopping trip, we purchase clothes that can be mixed and matched to create several different outfits. I discuss everything you try on and provide styling recommendations along the way. For example, how to style an outfit based on your body shape. I show you how to build different looks.

What's included:
Preliminary questionnaire and Zoom meeting.
All shopping trips are planned in advance.
The first fitting room is prepared for you with clothes to try on.
Private personal styling rooms are booked when possible.
Learn how to dress according to your skin tone and body shape.
Fashion and style advice.
Unbiased guidance.
A follow-up PDF with purchased items and a practical guide on how to best wear them.

Personal Style Advice and Shopping Packages:
2 HOURS - 2950 SEK
Perfect for a quick style update.
3 HOURS - 3950 SEK
A popular package that gives you time to refresh and redo your seasonal wardrobe.
4 HOURS - 4950 SEK
A half-day gives you time to shop for multiple purposes. For example, a seasonal wardrobe, work clothes, and a special occasion.