Style Tips for Men Part 3

Shirt cuffs should be visible past the end of your jacket sleeves

The old rule of thumb is ‘’A half inch of cuff ‘’. Don’t stress too much about it, just show a bit of shirt cuffs.

Keep fit

Another no-brainer but it is worth a mention. Clothes look better on you when you are in shape. I am not saying you have to have a six-pack and broad shoulders but at least stay in shape.

Get your suits and coats dry-cleaned

Never try to clean your suits and coats at home. You should know a dry-cleaner who you send your suits and coats to every now and again.

Drink your whisky neat

I see men have whisky with ice way too often. While there’s nothing really wrong with ice in whisky, I believe it is not the best way to enjoy whisky. Once the ice melts, your whisky is overly diluted. It is recommend however, to add 2 drops of water to your whisky as this enhances the flavour and aroma.

Money Clips

If you carry cash, get yourself money clips. Money clips help you organise your cash properly and look pretty cool.

Iron your shirts

If you can’t iron shirts, learn from that uncle or friend who can.

Button down collars should not be worn with formal suits

This is a big no-no. Button down collars are casual and should actually be worn with jeans and chinos or perhaps in with a casual suit. A formal suit calls for a more formal shirt collar.  

Take your measurements regularly

I always recommend having your suit and trousers custom made and to do that you need to know your measurements. You never know when they will come in handy so always keep your measurements updated.

Polos over T-shirts

There are occasions you probably can't wear a suit or be dressed formally to. I mean occasions where most of the guys will have t-shirts on. A good example is BBQ. Opt for a polo shirt when attending such occassions.